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Luch Domino

    RRD RIGHT ON TARGET V772**ENNOBLED** 7/2009 (10321867)
  AU SLF'S WHEEL HOSS**ENNOBLED** 12/2010 (10425936)
RRD MISS EMERALD**ENNOBLED**  7/2009 (10268970)
  SIRE: JBI FUZZY Z160 (10507001)
    ANR WIDE LOAD **ENNOBLED** 9/2009 NGC-08 (10375287)
  CCF2 AABG WORLD WIDE **ENNOBLED** 12/2010 (10454652)
    TPP T13 (10281273)
  LUCH DOMINO (10571203)- Born 02/16/13
    RRD RIGHT ON TARGET V772 **ENNOBLED** 7/2009 (10321867))
  AU SLF'S WHEEL HOSS**ENNOBLED** 12/2020 (10425936)
    RRD MISS EMERALD **ENNOBLED** 7/2009 (10268970)
 DAM: LUCH GABBANA (10505418)
    EGGS EGGSECUTIVE **ENNOBLED** 6/2006 (10128386)
    HFB 112 **ENNOBLED** 6/2006 (10045726)

Domino, he has made some long does and added excellent muscleing. He is extremely long , heavy muscled, and big boned. This bucks pedigree goes back to a national winner! His Dad is JBI FUZZY who won the Junior Overall Junior Grand Champion class at nationals. So he has the look and pedigree to go with it!

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