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TVVF Striker

    RRD RUGER T307 **ENNOBLED** 12/2007 (10269132)
  2DOX LUGER **ENNOBLED** 6/2010 (10409694)
2DOX BINGO STAR **ENNOBLED** 2/2008 (10218360)
  SIRE: JBI BLITZ Y109 (10496083)
    ANR WIDE LOAD **ENNOBLED** 9/2009 (10375287)
  CCF2 AABG WORLD WIDE **ENNOBLED** 12/2010 (10454652)
    TPP T13 (10281273)
 TVVF STRIKER (10550904)- Born 04/01/11
    RRD R866 (10202370)
  BODACIOUS BOERS 285 (10326106)
    BODACIOUS S235 (10222311)
  DAM: BODACIOUS BOERS W471 (10412282)
    1DH CONTESSA (10136540)

He is an own son of JBI BLITZ. This buck has a very correct on all four feet, walks out on all four corners. He has a big chest, good bone, big top, heavy muscled, and a very feminine head which he holds up high and proud. He’s always been a show off since he was a baby!

I Just Sold this Buck this in September of 2013. There are limited offspring left from this buck. Got does bred to him for 2014 kidding. His mom was the favorite doe on the farm. A big doe!! She was deep bodied, big boned and long!!

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